“I am a military contractor deployed in Iraq. I was working at the Justice Ministry when it was struck by a car bomb. I don’t know how well the pictures came out on your email, but the one showing the guys with guns walking one of our wounded are my teammates.
I am thankful that I was wearing my Point Ballistic Numas at the time. The debris came from all over the place, no matter where one was standing. It was horrible. My hearing is somewhat gone, my insides still hurt – but my eyes are intact, and that is a good day for me.

After talking to some of my friends, they mentioned that the eye protection they were wearing did not do the job at staying on their face, or taking the hit from various objects before breaking. My shades stayed on my face even when I was thrown a few feet back, and the lenses only took some mean scratches but did not break… WOW!!!

As a result, three of my teammates asked me to get them the same shades I have. I thought you might want to hear about this little incident, and take all the credit that you deserve for the great product you represent. As long as I live, I will tell this story to my family and the guys at work. Thank you for saving my eyes!

– Name withheld, private military contractor

“I’m writing to tell you that I love my Numa Point sunglasses. They pull double duty for me – I wear them as a pilot and as an active competition shooter. The very first shooting match I wore them at, right after buying them, they saved my left eye. I was shooting my .45 at a steel pepper popper type target from a distance of 25 feet when a round ricocheted back and hit me square in the left lens- almost hard enough to knock the glasses off my head.

All it left was a small scratch in the lens – I was surprised at how little damage was done to the glasses. Thanks for a great piece of gear. My Numas saved my eye, which would have cost me my career in aviation.
– Craig Fishel, commercial pilot and competitive shooter

Your glasses saved my eyes and maybe my life as well. THANKS!!! My sons ages 8 and 10 saved to get me some new shooting glasses and bought a pair of Numa Chisels.
They love to go to the range and out in the woods plinking with me. Last week I was out with several friends at an outdoor range and the shooter next to me had a catastrophic malfunction using home loaded rounds in a WWII Springfield rifle.

The barrel exploded, sending shards of metal flying as the breach detonated. I was looking directly at it when it happened and was hit in the face by 3 fragments: two were from the rifle and one was a piece of brass from the bullet jacket. After staggering away to regain my senses, I opened my eyes and removed my glasses to see a chunk of steel embedded in the right lens. It was almost 3/4 of an inch long and 3/16 of an inch wide at its thickest point. The other shards struck my left cheek and forehead.

The paramedics arrived to treat us (me and two others, including the shooter), and all needed to have metal fragments removed. I am absolutely certain I would have lost my right eye or been killed had your lens not stopped that metal… the impact as it hit was like being hit with a hammer and almost knocked the glasses clean off. My old Remington safety glasses would have never held up. Thank you so much for your technology and attention to detail when making these products. Keep up the awesome work.”

– Aerron Tate

“The Numas have been making their way around our NYPD detective squad in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We all love them. Been wearing them on the job! I used them last weekend in a tactical shooting competition and they were the best eyewear I’ve ever used! I scored first in one of the events! Thanks for a great pair of tactical, durable, and comfortable eyewear!”

– Det. James Droskoski, NYPD

“Numa Sport Optics lenses are crystal clear and perfect for sight fishing. Numa’s tough frames and shatter-proof lenses are accident-proof which gives me peace of mind.
These are the most highly engineered fishing lenses I’ve ever used and I consider them essential gear when I’m out on the water.

– Scott Martin, 2011 2014 FLW Forrest Wood Cup Champion and host of the Scott Martin Challenge

“My Numa Explorers saved my eye during an FLW EverStart tournament recently. My co-angler was fishing a Rattle Trap type bait when it became hung up. He pulled it loose from the Hydrilla only to have it fly back, hitting me on the left lens of my Numa Explorers. The lens did not break saving my eye from serious injury. I wanted you to know that I’ve put these glasses through the ringer and it took a set of number four treble hooks to scratch the lens – a true testament of a great product!

You can sure bet I won’t be on the water without my Numas!”

– David Turner, BassTalkPro.com

“My Numa’s saved my left eye! I took a 2-oz tungsten flipping weight at about 70 mph directly to my left eye and there were not a scratch on my Numa Chucks! I will never be on the water without these incredible optics on my face ever again!

– Joshua Dorr, professional angler

I hike thousands of miles each year and burn through gear. I carry very little, so all my equipment has to be top quality, tough and lightweight. I never experienced sunglasses that felt this light and comfortable or that held up like this until I found Numa. This is the best sunglass I have experienced on the trail.

– Justin “Trauma” Lichter(www.justinlichter.com)

Good job with the glasses! We love our new Numas. I wore them practically the whole time during the Atacama Crossing. They have been dropped and slept on a complete night. The lenses and frame did not bother me at any time; they were perfect for the circumstances where the sun was so powerful. I can highly recommend them. The Numas were invaluable and I will of course be using them again during the Sahara Race in Egypt come October!

– Christian D. Zagal, Adventurerun.dk

“My Numas fell off my head from over one hundred feet into Talus while climbing. The frame is still in perfect condition. I am impressed since the same thing happened to me with a pair of Smiths in the past and it destroyed them. Thanks for a killer product.

– Patrick Odenbeck, Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Montana