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Numa Tough-Flex™ frame material is the next evolution of impact and disaster-resistant frames. Numas have saved eyes and lives on the battlefield and at home: from IEDs, ricochets, shrapnel, blunt impacts, and even fishing mishaps. Our Tough-Flex™ frames won’t break in your vest, in your pack, or on your face.

THE NUMA PROMISE: We won’t put the Numa Tactical name on anything we would not wear into battle ourselves.

THE NUMA DIFFERENCE: Numa was founded in 2006 by a special forces sniper and triathlete to create stronger and lighter eye protection for soldiers, athletes and outdoorsmen.

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  • Tactical shatterproof wraparound eye protection
  • Reliable and rugged Tough-Flex™ Frame Material
  • ANSI Z87.1
  • MCEPS / MIL-PRF-31013
  • Dual-injected no-slip temples
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Optically perfect lenses:
    •    Anti-scratch hard-coat
    •    Smudge-resistant Hydrophobic Anti-fog
    •    100% UV400 Protection (UVA, UVB, UVC)


Fit Guide:

  • Large coverage
  • Medium-width faces
  • Extreme wrap with extensive side coverage – ideal for motorcycle use

Your eyewear saved a friend’s eye the other day. He was riding his Harley on the highway when a truck shot a large rock at very high velocity into his glasses…The damage to the glass was surprisingly minor considering the projectile.

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